Once you request a service and receive the quote (price) for your project, the next step would be to book a time for your onboarding session.

Onboarding sessions are free, optional, and occur before the creative process begins. Onboarding sessions are 30-minute meetings that are utilized to discuss your vision and other important details about your project. BOOK YOUR ONBOARDING SESSION BY CLICKING HERE.


However, you may want to upgrade your experience by picking a consultation package that includes more than a free 30 minute onboarding session.


If you are more of a hands on person or if your project requires you to be more involved in the creative process, you may want to book several one-on-one consultations with A.W. Creative to discuss the ins and outs of your project. We offer three packages/upgrades for those who prefer a direct, collaborative experience before, during, and after the process of your design's development. 


In order to book a video consultation, you must have access to some type of web camera and internet access for the purposes of video conferencing. However, if your circumstances are different or if you would prefer meetings without video, we do offer audio and/or phone consultations in place of video consultations.

The Professional's Pack


  • 1 Onboarding session 

  • 1 Check Point session

  • 1 Concluding session 


The Expert's



  • 1 Onboarding session 

  • 2 Check Point sessions

  • 1 Concluding session 


The Creator's Pack


  • 1 Onboarding session 

  • 3 Check Point sessions

  • 1 Concluding session 


Add A Session

In addition to your free onboarding session, choose to add a:

check point session


concluding session

(This is a great alternative for those who don't want to purchase a package and would like to add on one additional meeting instead of multiple meetings).


  •  Onboarding sessions occur at the beginning stages of development, will usually happen before A.W. Creative begins your design. (30 min)

  • Concluding sessions occur at the final stages of development. This is a time for you and A.W. Creative to look over the design and add final touches if necessary. (30-45 min)

  • Check Point sessions occur in the middle of the development process and are for the purposes of discussing how the design is coming along and any additional changes the customer may want to add. (30 min-1 hour) 

session Details

(Please Note: The price for consultation upgrades will be factored into the total price for your project. Once you decide what package you would like, click the arrow located at the bottom of your desired package to book a date/time for your onboarding consultation.)

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